• What does this tool do?

    This tool is for scraping and fetch information from IMDb.com and return data in JSON format.

    NOTE: IMDb does not allow screen scraping on their website (Read IMDb Copyright and Conditions of Use).
    Use this library at your own risk as you will be infringing IMDb's copyright.

    Where i can get my key?

    1: In top of page click " Get Key".

    2: Enter your email and your website.

    3: Press generate button and wait about 2 second you will see your key.

    4: In top of page click "Key Checker" to verify the status of your key.

    how this work?

    all data requests send to https://cdn.bescraper.cf/api/?key=[yourkey]&imdb=[imdbID]

    I Have a problem or i want to buy this script?

    Contact us using this email : [email protected]